image of child holding a salamander

Field Trips

FALL: September – November: 2023 Full | 2024 Requests Opening Soon
MAPLE SUGARING: February – Mid-March: 2024 Full
SPRING: Mid-March – May: 2024 Full

Submitting a request form does NOT book a field trip.  After we receive your request, we’ll contact you with a confirmation of your request. We seek to serve as many schools as possible and book groups in order of request. If we’re unable to accommodate your group, we’ll place you on a waiting list and contact you with additional details.

The recommended field trip duration is 2 hours with a fee of $8 per person.  If your school needs a scholarship, please let us know.

We invite your class, homeschool group or scout troop or any group of 12 or more children for a guided experience on the farm.  Experience first-hand the things that amaze us every day; the smell of the woods, newborn animals just learning how to stand, the taste of a freshly picked tomato, and all the other wonders of nature.  A field trip to Stratford will support learners of any age.  For younger grades Stratford will help students understand the difference between living and non-living things and about the basic needs of living things.  Older students will learn about food chains, cycles, and biodiversity.  High School, College students and adults will learn about the fundamental practices of regenerative agriculture and conservation.