Leave a Legacy Gift

Forever Stratford

“As a co-founder of Stratford, I have obvious personal reasons for leaving a legacy to Stratford.  But even beyond those emotional ties, I firmly believe in Stratford’s mission and strongly feel it is worth my support, in perpetuity.

Nowhere in Central Ohio is there such a unique, beautiful farm and forest complex where folks – especially children – can come to gain respect for the land that sustains them.

Through hands-on experiential education, they learn ecological concepts and how to view both farm and forest as natural habitats. They gain an appreciation of where their food and fiber come from, and an awareness of the marvelous wonders of the natural world.

Now, that’s pretty awesome!

For me, leaving a legacy to Stratford is a once-in-a-lifetime privilege.”Picture of Louise Warner

Louise Warner
Co-Founder – Stratford Ecological Center

To find out more about leaving a legacy gift, contact our Development Director, David Hoy, to obtain effective wording to add to your estate plan or will.