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Bees, Honey Bees & The Stratford Apiary: image of honeybees on honey comb

The Stratford Ecological Center’s Apiary is a working, educational apiary dedicated to increasing the understanding of the vital role of honey bees, and all pollinators, in our food systems. Emphasizing sustainable beekeeping practices, including a queen production and breeding program, the apiary strives to bring to light the modern challenges of beekeeping as well as potential strategies to confront those challenges.

The Stratford Ecological Center, like everyone, relies heavily on the pollinator community to maintain a healthy ecosystem and productive crops. To that end honey bee hives have always been a part of Stratford to one degree or another. However, in 2013 the Stratford Ecological Center began to set the foundation for an ambitious project; to set up a working, educational Apiary. The mission is to increase awareness and education about the ever important role of the increasingly threatened pollinators that we all depend on for so much of our food.

Education & Training:

Stratford is proud to offer a variety of educational opportunities about bees, pollination, honey, as well as several beekeeper training programs. Our Beginner Beekeeping Series is designed to serve the needs of people new to beekeeping, and those considering taking up beekeeping. Our Bootcamp Beekeeping Series is designed to provide focused topic training to those beekeepers looking to improve or expand their beekeeping skills.

2018 Beginner Beekeeping Series
Novice/Beginner level

Biology and Behavior Basics:
Saturday, April 14 (9am- noon)

Interacting with the Colony:
Saturday, May 19 (9am- noon)

Biology Based Management Basics:
Saturday, June 16 (9am- noon)

Varroa and Other Pests:
Saturday, July 21 (9am- noon)

Fall Management and Winter Prep:
 Saturday, August 18 (9am- noon)

Getting Ready for your first Hives:
Saturday, October 20 (9am- noon)

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2018 Bootcamp Beekeeping Series
Advanced level

Finding the Queen: ($50)
Saturday, May 19 (1-4pm)

Re-Queening: ($50)
Saturday, June 2 (1-4pm)

Splits: ($50)
Saturday, June 16 (1-4pm)

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For classes in NE Ohio: go to www.beesfromohio.com

Presentations & General Education

To schedule an exciting, entertaining, and unique presentation for your organization on nearly any topic related to bees contact Stratford’s Apiarist, Dave Noble at  apiarydave@stratfordecologicalcenter.org.

Dave has presented on wide range of topics to a diverse group of organizations including Gardening Clubs, Public Schools, Home Schools, Agricultural Conferences, Beekeeping Clubs and many more…

He will be happy to help you pick the perfect topic for your group, or work with you to design a presentation that fits your needs.

Bees in the Classroom!

If you are a teacher, part of a home school group, or a member of a gardening, or environmental, club and you are looking for an exciting presentation about bees and pollinators then the Stratford Apiary has many ways to help you fill that need! Stratford can customize the subject matter, presentations, and programs to fit with your science, biology, and other curriculum!
Contact Dave Noble at apiarydave@stratfordecologicalcenter.org