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Farm Camp

 Farm Camp

2018 registration opens January 15th at 9am

For any questions about Farm Camps, contact:
April Hoy, Camp Director at 740-363-2548 or at AprilHoy@stratfordecologicalcenter.org


Stratford’s camp refund policy:
To receive full payment, cancellation must be received 2 weeks prior to the first day of camp.

Camp big circle

image of campers holding chickens3 – 5 Year Old Camp

August 6 – 10

Monday – Friday:
9:30am – 11:30am
Monday – Friday:
2pm – 4pm
Fee: $135

Parent and child will experience the farm together through simple and playful activities. Children will care for the farm animals, spend daily time in the forest, and will discover the joys of planting and tasting things straight from the garden.  Parents will be encouraged to rediscover their sense of wonder as they walk side-by-side with their little explorer.  Treat yourself and your little one to a week together on the farm.

3-5 Gear list           Health Form         Trash-free Lunch

Camper holding fish she caught6- 8 Year Old Camp

July 9 – 13
July 16 – 20
July 30 – August 3

Mon. – Thursday : 9am – 3pm and
Friday: 9am – 2pm
Fee: $225

The easy rhythms of the farm will carry the children from chores to play and back again throughout the day.  Hands will be immersed in mud and water, berries and brambles, as the children experience fully through their senses.  Days will become adventures as children explore the forest, turning nature into paint, mossy bark into fairy homes, and holes into hideouts.

6-8 Gear list             Health form                 Trash Free Lunch

9 – 12 Year Old CampGirl watering garden beds

June 4-8
June 11 – 15
June 18 – 22

Monday – Wednesday: 9am – 4pm
Thursday: 9am – Friday at noon.
Fee: $260

Bright and early each day, campers will care for the farm animals, feeling the daily cycles of farm life and contributing to the raising of food.   Their hands will plant the fall crops, tend the summer vegetables and take part in harvesting and preparing for the farmer’s market.  Throughout the week, campers will go on adventures in the forest, discovering the joys of time spent in nature and the lessons the Earth has to teach.  Their week will conclude with an overnight spent under the stars.

9-12 Gear list        Health Form        Trash Free Lunch

Junior Counselors

13 to 17 year olds can sign up as Junior Counselors and assist with 2 weeks of the 6 – 8 year old camp.

J. C. Training
June 26 – 28
9am – 3 pm
Fee: $250

Junior Counselors can apply by submitting the application to aprilhoy@stratfordecologicalcenter.org.

If you are a teen who loves nature and the farm, consider becoming a Junior Counselor.  You can enjoy all the fun of Farm Camp while  sharing your knowledge with young campers.  Develop your leadership skills by acting as a link between campers and senior counselors with daily camp activities.  You will spend three days with our Environmental Education Interns honing your skills before being assigned to an Intern for a week of fun with the six to eight year old campers.  This is a perfect way of gaining community service experience and of building your resume for college applications!

Gear list                Health form                 Trash Free Lunch