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Community Supported Apiculture:image of honeybees on honey comb

The Stratford Ecological Center relies heavily on the pollinator community to maintain a healthy ecosystem and productive crops. The honey bee and all pollinators are so important to our daily lives  that we feel it is important to establish an apiary. Colony collapse disorder, Varroa mites and foul brood are just a  few of the challenges facing bee colonies and beekeepers today.

In 2013 the Stratford Ecological Center began to set the foundation for an ambitious project; to set up a working Apiary. The mission is to increase awareness and education about the ever important role of the increasingly threatened pollinators that we all depend on for so much of our food.

2017 Beekeeping Apprenticeship Program

Stratford is proud to offer a variety of beekeeper training programs designed to give new and aspiring beekeepers a solid foundation of knowledge to help them face the challenges of modern beekeeping.

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Call 740-363-2548 to register for apiary programs

2017 Pre-Season Beekeeping Overview

Start the year with this 3 class series that covers the basic honey bee biology and how to use bee biology to develop better beekeeping management practices. Classes are on selected Saturdays in February and March for a total of 9 hours of class time.

Cost:  $120
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Sign up for both the Pre-Season Overview & the Beekeeping Apprenticeship Program to get a more comprehensive start to beekeeping and save $60
Cost:  $450

2017 Beekeeping Apprenticeship Program

This is a bee-centered beekeeper training program that runs from April to September (12 classes total) and focuses on learning the biology and behavior of bees as the basis for developing practical beekeeping practices. The program puts a high premium on actual time spent with the bees to help new, aspiring beekeepers develop a high level of comfort and confidence with bees.
You can choose from either Tuesday or Saturday classes.

Cost:  $390
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Partial Apprenticeship Programs:

The Apprenticeship program can also be taken one or two classes at a time. Scheduling will open in March 2017.
Cost:  $40/single class, $75/two consecutive classes

2017 Beekeeping Bootcamp Skills Training Workshops

Throughout 2017, Stratford, in partnership with Urban Honey Bee and K&J Farms, will be offering several Beekeeping Workshops designed to build and fine tune beekeeping skills.

Topics will include:

– Finding the Queen
– Re-queening
– Making Splits and Nucs
– Pest Management
– Combining and Equalizing Hives

For more information contact Dave Noble by email at apiarydave@stratfordecologicalcenter.org
or go to beesfromohio.com/classes-2

Bees in the Classroom!

If you are a teacher, part of a home school group, or a member of a gardening, or environmental, club and you are looking for an exciting presentation about bees and pollinators then the Stratford Apiary has many ways to help you fill that need! Stratford can customize the subject matter, presentations, and programs to fit with your science, biology, and other curriculum!
Contact Dave Noble at apiarydave@stratfordecologicalcenter.org